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Our factory is o of the subsets of Arvand Petrochemical plant, This is a governmental factory which is situated in southern of Iran and on the northern coast of the Persian Gulf. Its area is about 108-hectares, it seeks to help the country move towards self-sufficiency, industrial development and to provide the related local and downstream sector with the required raw material.

In 2002, Added the producing line of Chlor-alkali (CA), ethylene dichloride (EDC), vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) units In partnership with National Petrochemical Company of Iran and a consortium of Uhbe of Germany and become the best producer of caustic soda liquid in the Middle East.


Arvand petrochemical factory act as our raw material supplier, And as you certainly Know, The quality of liquid caustic soda is main reason for quality of caustic soda flake, and our lye is the best one in middle east with %50 concentration, because of this raw material come from water of the golf which in compare to the caustic soda liquid that come from melted salt has less Sulfate (Na2So4), less Iron (Fe) and less Aluminum (AL2O3).

Moreover because of producing method that is membrane electrolysis the final product would be free of mercury (Pb) completely, and it would be super fine FOOD GRADE caustic soda flake with %98-%99 purity, pure white flakes without visible impurity.

As Caustic Soda Flake has high tendency to absorbing moisture and carbon dioxide, So we keep under observation all steps of inventory, packaging, loading, shipping, until delivery strictly and scrupulosity and doing under “Iran Chemical Mine Authorization” and “ASTM” standard.

Bags are laminated with 2 layers P.P & P.E and completely impermeant. We offer two way of packing: 25 kg/bag  -or-  1250kg/jumbo bag  , for both ways bags put on pallet and shrink carefully with more protection.

 There are 1000 bags (20 pallets) or 25 MT in 1 FCL (fully loaded 20 ft’ container).

There are 20 jumbo bag (20 pallets) or 25 MT in 1 FCL (fully loaded 20 ft’ container).

Moreover, it’s possible to do not print ʺFactory Contactʺ and ʺmade in Iranʺ on Bags as customer request.

For more information about prices, company and product our pleaser to contact us through email/WhatsApp or phone call, our committed experts are ready to Answer your questions 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


Success factor

The success factor of Arvand Perk collection can be in producing a quality product without any additives and impurities, supply according to the schedule and coordinated with the customer, regular delivery according to the requested sample and also stable supply at any time at the request of dear customers

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