Sodium Hydroxide is a very important and versatile material which there is in aqueous solutions or solid, and known as NAOH, CAUSTIC SODA or LYE too, in 2 grade of food and Industrial.

It has the enormous usage in many industries such as:

– Textile industry (in the production of rayon, spandex, a cotton fabrics, bleaching, laundering and … ) ,

– In the production of paper, plastic, epoxy resin, paints, glass, making soaps and detergents.

– It also can be used as strong alkali to neutralizing acid to digest animal protein and dissolving various organic compounds and Variety usage in food prepare.


Buy the highest quality caustic soda from Arvandparak Company

Arvand Park Company was established in 2002 with the aim of producing and selling caustic soda with the highest quality and most appropriate price.

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Advantages of buying caustic soda from Arvandparak Company

Arvandparak quality control unit and laboratory consisting of training personnel is trying to control the quality of the product to dear customers. Quality control is controlled and inspected from the stage of raw material entry into the factory until the final product is obtained.

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