Production of caustic soda

Production of caustic soda

Sodium hydroxide

Sodium hydroxide is a very important and versatile substance that exists in aqueous or solid solutions and is also known as NAOH, caustic soda or lemon in food and industrial grade 2.
In many industries such as:
– Textile industry (in the production of rayon, spandex, cotton fabrics, bleach, washing, etc.)
– In the production of paper, plastic, epoxy resin, paint, glass, soap and detergents.
It can also be used as a strong alkaline to neutralize acid for digesting animal protein and to dissolve various organic compounds and various applications in food preparation.


The membrane cell production method uses a selective membrane that separates chlorine and sodium ions. The membrane allows sodium ions to pass through the membrane, while holding a solution of chlorine gas and salt (brine) in a chamber opposite the membrane.
Sodium ion reacts with purified water to provide caustic soda (NAOH). Evaporator is used to increase the concentration to a nominal solution of 50% by weight.
The caustic soda produced by the high quality membrane cell process will be extremely good and the food grade will be 99% pure.


The bags are 3 layers and completely impenetrable.

25 kg bags — 1000 bags in a 20-foot container ”
Jumbo bag 1250 kg —- 50 jumbo bags in a 20-foot container

Option for packaging:

  • 25kg/bag –  50 bags on a pallet and shrinking  –   20 pallets in a 20 ftʺ Container
  • 1250kg/jumbo bag – 1 jumbo bag on a pallet and shrinking  –  20 pallets in a 20 ftʺ Container

Moreover, it’s possible to do not print ʺFactory Contactʺ and ʺmade in Iranʺ on Bags as customer request.

Also, we had don special packaging as same as customer desire.